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Easy steps to place an order
at Dapur Mamimo


Instant Delivery or Take Away Order

Usually use Ojek Online (Ojol) . delivery fee not included

Whatsapp / Shopee Food / gofood


Made by Order, one day before (H-1)

Order via whatsapp and pick up by ojek online, delivery fee not included

Whatsapp / Shopee Food

Take away and Delivery by whatsapp


  • Nama :
  • Menu Pesanan:
  • Hari dan tanggal :
  • Jam Pick up :
  • Alamat :
  • Nomor Telp :
  • Pick up by :

(will be informed at the day) :

Whatsapp : 081390002536

Made by Order

Untuk Made by Order tinggal click di menu Made by Order atau kirim Whatsapp dengan format seperti ini:

Format Made by Order Di Whatsapp

  • Nama :
  • Made by Order hari dan Tanggal:
  • Jam Pick Up :
  • Menu Pesanan:
  • Alamat :
  • Nomor Telp :
  • (Mohon info nama driver pada saat hari H)
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